Building a User Flow

A user flow, or user journey, is the path a user takes through your website. It begins on the page they arrive on (whether the homepage, or a blog article, or a product page they found through a search engine) and ends when the user leaves, typically after completing an action such as a purchase or filling out a contact form.

User flows are great for identifying what content users will interact with at what steps of the journey.

  • Use sticky notes. If a step is too long to describe on a sticky, it needs to be broken down.
  • Ask a friend to look at the sticky notes. If a step is too vague for them to visualize, break it down further.
  • Make a list of the content types available. This includes everything from a Twitter feed to blog articles to help text.
  • With a different colored sticky note, place content types along the flow.
  • Work with a designer to divide the flow into stages, sections, or screens.
  • This is the first step in mapping relevant content to appropriate customer touch points.
  • If you get stuck, identify the user need or business goal accomplished by each step. Look for needs that are not met where steps can be added, or steps that don’t meet a need or goal and might be removed.
Simple user flow
A very simple (first draft) user flow, which could clearly be broken down into more detail.



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