Sample Editorial Calendar Worksheet

This is an example of an editorial calendar worksheet and the calendar itself. You can also check out the template.

Pre-Calendar Questionnaire Sample Answers

  • What is our goal?
    We will increase from 5 qualified leads a month to 8, and increase our clients from 1 a month to 2.
  • What is our message?
    We can give you the power (and spray cleaner) to have a spotless kitchen without spending time on it, so you can enjoy your career and family.
  • What are our channels?
    Facebook page, blog, SEM
  • What are our tactics?
    Monthly theme connected to school events, holidays, and the weather

Calendar Worksheet Example

  • Month of: June
  • Theme/sub-message 1*: School’s out, spend time outdoors
  • Holidays or events we’ll reference: Summer vacation
  • Specific deadlines: Sale from June 20-25
  • Tactic 1: Blog articles, weekly
    • Article 1 topic: 10 fun things to do this summer
    • Article 2 topic: How fast can you clean up? (comparison against 2 competitors)
    • Article 3 topic: Recycle old spray cleaner bottles into fun DIY summer toys
    • Article 4 topic: Compare our spray being all natural to the “all natural” summer outdoors
  • Tactic 2: Sale
    • Sale: half off from June 20-25
    • Create ads for SEM
    • Post on Facebook and promote on blog
  • Tactic 3: Facebook updates
    • Photo of the bottle spraying out summer with the words “Summer’s in the air!”
    • #43: Have a picnic.
      What will you do with your extra time today? #nomorecleaning
    • Share photos from fans with their “extra time”
    • Quote “summer breeze makes me feel fine, blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind” to advertise jasmine scented cleaner
    • #37: Go for a bike ride.
      What will you do with your extra time today? #nomorecleaning
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 2 Facebook 3 Post article 4 Facebook 5 6 Facebook 7
8 9 Facebook 10 Post article 11 Facebook 12 13 Facebook 14
15 16 Facebook 17 Post article 18 Facebook 19 20 Facebook


21 Sale
22 Sale 23 Facebook


24 Post article


25 Facebook

Sale Ends

26 27 Facebook 28
29 30 Facebook



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