Editorial Calendar Template

Editorial calendar worksheet template

Before creating the calendar, identify:

  • What is our goal?
    Define a measurable, specific, 1 year goal, such as “increase customer conversion rate to 10%”
  • What is our message?
    What are you trying to tell prospective clients?
  • What are our channels?
    These should include the website, any social media, in-person marketing, and any other customer touch points, such as emails, newsletters, or blog.
  • What are our tactics?
    Will there be a monthly theme? Will there be an event every week? The tactics you choose will create an overall structure for the calendar.

To create the calendar, customize this worksheet for every month. Check the worksheet weekly to add ideas. Begin each worksheet ~6 months in advance:

  • Month of: _________________
  • Theme/sub-message 1*: _________________
  • Holidays or events we’ll reference: _________________
  • Specific deadlines: _________________
  • Tactic 1 (ex. 4 articles, posted on Mondays)
    • Article 1 topic: _________________
    • Article 2: topic: _________________
    • Article 3: topic: _________________
  • Tactic 2 (ex. 1 event):
    • Event plan: _________________
  • Tactic 3 (ex. Daily Facebook status updates):
    • (Rotate these 8): _________________

*if you don’t have a theme for each month, you’ll need a sub-message, or a more specific message that supports your overall message.


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