User Research Recruitment Letter

Key Elements:

  • Introduction uses the person’s name
  • Reference the person who put you in touch
  • Provide several, specific times/dates for the conversation to happen
  • Explain your value to the person who put you in touch

Hi Sara,

John Smith, from Products n’ More put me in touch with you as a customer who I might speak with as I help John and his team to better understand the people who purchase their products.

I’d like to chat with you for about 30 minutes this week or next. I’m looking to learn more about Products n’ More, and the types of people (like you) who use their products. No need to prepare anything or plan ahead, just be yourself!

Please let me know which of these time periods you are available:

Sunday, February 1, between 11am and 3pm

Monday, February 2, between 3pm and 5pm

Monday, February 2, between 7pm and 9pm

If none of these time periods work for you, let me know other times that would be better.

[Phone number]

Check out this excellent UIE article on recruitment letters


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