Content Strategy Process Checklist

Content Strategy Process Checklist Template

  • Do I have personas?
  • Have I spoken with stakeholders?
    • Do I know what they know about their users?
    • Do I know what questions they have?
    • Do I know what their goals are for the business?
  • Have I spoken with users?
    • Do I know where users spend their online and offline time?
    • Do I know the users’ vocabulary?
    • Do I know what keeps the users up at night?
    • Do I know what excites them?
  • Do I know our project goals?
  • Do I know our internal mission?
  • Do I know our client-facing mission?
  • Do I have a taxonomy?
  • Do we have a voice?
  • Do I know the use cases for this tool/application/project?
  • Do I have a user flow?
  • Have I mapped the user flow to the customer journey
  • Have I added the customer touch points?
  • Have I identified the channels for each touch point?
  • Have we put the touch points into an editorial calendar?
  • Do I know who is responsible for each item?